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WWII veterans

As I continue to promote My American Odyssey, I am constantly looking for ways to connect with veterans and their families.

So I turned to the Veterans Administration, who were interested in the book and more than happy to help me tell my grandfather’s story – as well as mine. The writing and researching process was difficult and tenuous at times. I mailed dozens of letters to government agencies, military offices, as well as any institution or person who could lend a helping hand.

It was like I was working backwards, from 2000 to 1941. I had to find family, friends, and men who served with my grandfather in order to learn more about him and his American Odyssey. By 2000, there weren’t too many people left for me to contact and the clock was ticking. As the years passed so did people who knew my grandfather. I found a few of his comrades but was never able to find his close friend, Pete Mason.

Now that the book is complete and for sale on amazon and kindle, I have a new mission: promoting it.

And that’s where Gary Hicks comes in. Mr. Hicks is the Public Affairs Specialist with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The day I contacted him he was more than happy to promote the book and he and the VA did a wonderful job helping me put it altogether.

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