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Found this review of my book, My American Odyssey. It’s short, but to the point. Thanks to the Frankford Gazette for the promotion. My grandfather was originally from Frankford which is located in the northeast Philadelphia area – which is mentioned in Chapter 1, it’s the place where his story began.

Don Byers attended Frankford High School and sang in it’s choral group and served as a manager for the school’s football team. At 5’6″ and 120 lbs., he was a bit small to play on the team and his mother, Adela, was a bit protective of her only child so she wouldn’t allow him to play the sport. So, he supported the team the best he could from the sidelines.

He was a violinist and vocalist who performed at Central Methodist Church and at parties and weddings. His family lived on Higbee Street before moving to Wakeling Street where he worked at a corner store as a young adult.

His hometown of Frankford played an important part in the book as Don set the scene for the beginning of My American Odyssey. And Frankford was a place he surely reminisced about while homesick and alone in the battlefields of Italy. When he returned home from serving with the 337th Infantry Regiment, he stayed in Frankford and attended Temple University where he received a certification Control for Motor Freight which helped him excel at his job as a shipping clerk with Fairmount Motor Products. In 1947, Don become a Master Mason at Frankford Lodge 292. His father was a Mason, as was his grandfather, so Don wanted to continue the family tradition.

Around 1950, Don and his wife, Ruth, left Frankford to move north to Wilkes-Barre to care for her mother. But he regularly returned to his hometown to visit his parents and childhood friends.

Read the Frankford Gazette’s book review here

frankford gazette

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