3337th-Infantry-Regiment-85th-Division-5th-Army-website337th InfantryIn December of 1941, Donald Byers was a 27-year-old enjoying his young life in Philadelphia.

Pearl Harbor changed that.
It changed the world.

My American Odyssey is a compelling story derived from journals Byers kept as he left bootcamp and fought the Axis in Italy.

This book is not filled with glorified war stories – it’s the real accounts of a soldier’s fight to stay alive long enough to get back home.

Ten years after World War II, Don began to collect his thoughts and memories to begin documenting his experiences as a wireman with the 337th Infantry Regiment in the 85th Division of the 5th Army. Between work and family, he rewrote his story then began to type it. But before he could finish,
he contracted polio and died on November 22, 1958.

Photo by Mark Moran, Citizens Voice

Decades later, his grandson James Byers took the time to study, inquire, and call as many friends, family, and comrades he could find so that Don’s story could finally be completed. After years of research, writing, and designing My American Odyssey – Don’s American Odyssey – was printed. At first, the book was only passed onto to Jim’s friends and family. But now, the book is being reprinted with more information and more letters and is available for all to read.

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